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Burnished Pewter

Burnished Pewter

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Hiya mates and scholars.  Professor Burnished Pewter here; PhD.  I am a Distinguished Professor of psychology, with an emphasis on colour.  A ball of knowledge, many say.  Moved to the states this year but originally from Oxford, where I grew up reading books in our beautifully artchitected, historic buildings.  If you find yourself planning a UK holiday, and you fancy innovation, discovery, and beauty, make a stop in Oxford and you'll quickly learn why it is called the “City of Dreaming Spires."

I digress.  Just completed my final lecture of the week so I'm a bit knackered, but I'll gladly leave you with some food for thought as we approach the weekend.

The art of colour is fascinating, innit.  Take me, for example.  What colour(s) do you see?  Taupe?  Chocolate?  Grey?  The beauty of it is that there are no wrong answers.  Though my chameleon-esque colour changes with light, it is always warm, elegant, and posh.  Effortlessly modern or classic 19th century; it's up to you.  Full of character and not one particular undertone, I can easily be accompanied with warm, contemporary neutrals like my good mate Riviera Beach, or bold and playful like Drama Queen - and so many in between.

Better crack on.  Time for me to make myself a cuppa tea and relax, so if you have any questions, visit me during office hours at University or comment here and I'll be in touch.


Our commercial-grade 3-inch (3") diameter ball pit balls are designed to provide more volume with less balls. This results in faster washings, setups, and pickups.

We've also designed these balls to have a perfect balance of commercial durability and suppleness allowing safe fun for all ages in all types of environments.

Made with non-toxic recycled materials; each box of 400-count balls will fill 7 cubic feet of space. 

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