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Mix and Match 400 Count Box

Mix and Match 400 Count Box

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When ordering a single box of 400 balls, we can mix different colors in increments of 100 balls per color.

For example:

White x 300 + Dark Everglade x 100


Dusty Pink x 200 + Desert Coral x 200

Please reach out and inquire to ensure we have enough of your specific mix request before purchasing this item. 


Our commercial-grade 3-inch (3") diameter ball pit balls are designed to provide more volume with less balls. This results in faster washings, setups, and pickups.

We've also designed these balls to have a perfect balance of commercial durability and suppleness allowing safe fun for all ages in all types of environments.

Made with non-toxic recycled materials; each box of 400-count balls will fill 7 cubic feet of space. 

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