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Dark Everglade

Dark Everglade

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Am I the drama?  Hint: Yes.

As serious as my Capricorn sun, adaptable with my moon in Cancer, and adventurous in my Sagittarius rising, I am most definitely the drama.  My name is Dark Everglade, by the way.  This deep off-black green hue may give nonchalant vibes, but my colors are as nuanced as my zodiac.

There’s even blue in me (physically and metaphorically) so in natural or cool light, you might find me giving moody teal, and under warm or artificial light, I’m giving emerald.  I have this tendency to mirror other greens around me but, do not be mistaken, I am not a copycat; I am simply an empath.  It’s a Cancer moon thing.  #IYKYK

Oh, how I love a hangout sesh with my fab four, my day ones - Riviera Beach, Drama Queen, Saffron Strands, and Chic Gray.  When we're going out and want to feel fancy, I accessorize with gold – and you should, too.

See you soon, dahlings.

Our commercial-grade 3-inch (3") diameter ball pit balls are designed to provide more volume with less balls. This results in faster washings, setups, and pickups.

We've also designed these balls to have a perfect balance of commercial durability and suppleness allowing safe fun for all ages in all types of environments.

Made with non-toxic recycled materials; each box of 400-count balls will fill 7 cubic feet of space. 

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