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Saffron Strands

Saffron Strands

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Born and raised on the Best Coast, LA is where my heart is.  I am Saffron Strands - a certified yogi, love a heated Vinyasa flow sesh, meditate on the beach daily (unless it’s rainy or under 72 degrees - which then you’ll find me in my studio), make it a point to learn or do one new thing every day, am a forever (not fair-weather) Laker fan, a part-time model, take pictures of every sunset I see, am an Erewhon juice bar addict, a loyal farmers market shopper, brunch every Sunday, and am mostly vegan.

You for sure want me around when you want feelings of sun-kissed warmth, positive energy, and understated sophistication.  OMG, you should totally meet my pals Riviera Beach and Chic Grey.  They bring me such joy.  Oh, Burnished Pewter and Iron Gate, too.  When the three of us are together, we are a whole mood. 

A friend once said to “inhale the future, exhale the past,” and now I live by it.

Peace, Love, and Yoga,


Our commercial-grade 3-inch (3") diameter ball pit balls are designed to provide more volume with less balls. This results in faster washings, setups, and pickups.

We've also designed these balls to have a perfect balance of commercial durability and suppleness allowing safe fun for all ages in all types of environments.

Made with non-toxic recycled materials; each box of 400-count balls will fill 7 cubic feet of space. 

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